Atlas Stratus
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Atlas Stratus

Deep & Steep Terrain

249,90 CHF
The Stratus takes you to the peak and beyond.


The Stratus features aggressive traction and the micro-adjustable, precision-fit of the Wrapp™ Helix binding. to take you to the peak and beyond. Find limitless adventure with a simple clockwise turn of the Boa® Closure system.

Technology + Features

  • Boa® Closure System
  • V-Frame™
  • Spring-Loaded™ Suspension
  • Wrapp™ Helix Binding
  • Nytex Decking
  • Heel Lift Bar
  • All-Trac™ Toe Crampon
  • Traverse Trac Rails


Elektra Design

Elektra Design

The Elektra women’s designs grew from a two-year biomechanics research program to a deep line of successful women’s snowshoes that continue to lead the industry. Our Elektra frames are shaped to accommodate a woman’s natural gait, with tapered tails, a narrower nose and outside rolling bends that nest the snowshoes together comfortably. Since women’s needs are more than frame-deep, our binding designs are molded around a women’s boot last, offer increased arch support and use carefully-placed strapping and padding to eliminate pressure points and keep circulation moving in the cold.
Nytex Decking

Nytex Decking

Das leichte und flexible Nytex-Deckmaterial liefert die Strapazierfähigkeit, die beim Trail-Running gefragt ist. Gleichzeitig lässt es den Schnee leicht abrutschen und spart damit Gewicht.
Wrapp Helix Binding

Wrapp Helix Binding

The Wrapp™ Helix binding blends Atlas' proven Wrapp™ series design with the added performance of the Boa® Closure System. This provides a secure fit each and every time, the simple twist of a dial delivers consistent precision when the terrain gets technical.
All-Trac™ Toe Crampon

All-Trac™ Toe Crampon

The time-tested geometry of our All-Trac™ toe crampon provides traction in all directions. Wider traction tabs on the sides and corners complement sharp front and rear points for confident hiking.
Traverse Trac Rails

Traverse Trac Rails

The sharp ridges of our side rails augment the downhill function of the heel cleat, running parallel to the snowshoe frame for solid footing, even on firm sidehill terrain.
Spring-Loaded Suspension

Spring-Loaded Suspension

Die Spring-Loaded™ Suspension (SLS) von Atlas hält den Schneeschuh eng am Fuß und macht ihn damit leicht manövrierbar. Sie verbindet den Fuß so mit dem Schneeschuh, dass er sich frei in die beabsichtigte Richtung bewegen kann. SLS verbessert die Traktionskontrolle, weil die Steigeisen dank ihrer Biegsamkeit besonders in steilem oder stark geneigtem Gelände tiefer in den Boden eindringen können.
Heel Lift Bar

Heel Lift Bar

Wenn man ohne Steighilfe unterwegs ist, ermüden die Wadenmuskeln bei steilen Aufstiegen schnell, und die Traktion nimmt ab. Die Steighilfe unserer Backcountry-Adventure-Schneeschuhe verhindert Ermüdungserscheinungen und passt perfekt in den Rahmen, so dass optimale Griffigkeit garantiert ist.


Product Size Chart
Model Size Surface Area Weight/PR Load
Stratus 25 25 in (64 cm) 176 sq in
(1135 sq cm)
4.23 lbs (1.92 kg) 120-200 lbs
(54-91 kg)
Stratus 30 30 in (76 cm) 222 sq in
(1432 sq cm)
4.54 lbs (2.06 kg) 150-250 lbs
(68-113 kg)
Stratus 35 35 in (89 cm) 270 sq in
(1742 sq cm)
5.08 lbs (2.30 kg) 180-300+ lbs
(82-136+ kg)

*Load refers to total weight of user plus anything they are carrying such as pack, equipment, etc.
Recommended loads are based on light, dry snow conditions. Powder snow may require a larger snowshoe.


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